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There were times when the porn games weren’t that impressing. They were all built in Flash, and besides the low-quality graphics and the point-and-click gameplay style, they had another issue. They weren’t available on all devices. Most of them could only be played on PC and on the sites that used to promote them as mobile, they worked for a while and then just crashed or wouldn’t work at all on some devices. But that time is gone now. Now you have Online Adult Games, a new site that is coming with a lot of sex gaming action available on all devices. These games were crafted in HTML5, and if you don’t know what that means, read on.

The games that we have here are coming with total cross platform compatibility. No matter if you play the game on PC, Mac, Android or iOS, you will enjoy flawless gameplay with no bugs and no down time. We’ve tested every single game on the site on multiple devices to make sure that it works perfectly. At the same time, we also put together a sizable collection. We have games from all categories and for all tastes or sexualities. From straight to gay, lesbian and trans, you will find games for everyone. We also have different genres of games, some of them focusing on sexual gameplay, some coming with exciting quests you will have to complete, and some others basing themselves totally on the story, featuring multiple endings depending on the choices you make. All the games of our site are coming for free. You won’t have to pay or donate, and you won’t even have to create an account before playing these games. Everything you need is right here. Read everything about our brand-new site in the paragraphs below.

Hundreds Of Games Ready To Please You

Online Adult Games is just like a porn tube in many ways. One of them is about content variety. We’ve even took the most popular kinks and categories from the famous porn tubes out there and then we searched games for all of them. We’ve managed to create one of the most completed collections of sex games out there. You can enjoy the most realistic sex simulators on the web on our site. No matter what kink you have, you can experiment with it in our collection. The family sex simulators are coming with convincing scenarios in which you will either have to use your seduction skills to get your mom, daughter or sister on your dick, or enjoy their thirst when they come at you. Another kink you get to enjoy in our simulators is BDSM. Whip, spank, and punish sex slaves in any way you want.

If you’re the type of gamer who wants challenging quests and enjoy erotic themes and rewards along the way, we have RPG sex games ready to please you. Some of them are parodies for some of the most popular games out there, such as World of Warcraft or Fallout. And since we mentioned parodies, you should know that we host games featuring some of the most popular characters out there, including Lois Griffin, the chicks from Game Of Thrones, Anna and Elsa from Frozen or even the sexy babes from My Little Pony.

We also have a hentai sex games collection where you will find so much kink. You will surely enjoy all the monster sex games of our site, which are coming with helpless anime girls in all kinds of dangerous situations featuring crazy creatures with long and thick tentacles. At the same time, we have anime parody games, we have yuri and yaoi games and so much more awesomeness.

Queer Games And Games For The Ladies

We’re one of the sites that has games for everyone. Our collection of gay sex games is coming with hot dudes of all types in all kinds of scenarios, including parody games with famous superheroes from Marvel and DC. We have lesbian simulators in which you can enjoy a dyke girlfriend experience. Our trans porn games are enjoyed by everyone because we have all kinds of mixes between shemales, men and women. And then we have the sex games for women on our site, which are coming with lots of MMF threesome games, cheating fantasies, rape role play action, and some twine text-based games which are just like interactive erotica that will change based on the choices you make. We also have a special category featuring games for couples. These games can help you introduce new ideas to your partner, or guide you through a perfect sex session. And there are so many other categories of games you can enjoy on our site, including fetish ones and furry sex games. Explore and enjoy your sexuality.

Enjoy Online Adult Games For Free

When we started this project, we knew exactly what we needed to do. Besides creating such a big collection of games, we also built up a site that’s perfect for enjoying them directly into your browser. A big collection needs good browsing tools to help you find the right game for the moment. And we offer those tools, with well tagged games and some suggestive descriptions that will let you know about the kinks and fantasies which will be pleased by the game before you start playing. On top of that, we even come with community features such as message boards and comment sections which you will be able to use for interacting with our community. And you can do that without registering on our site. We believe in total anonymity when it comes to porn. So, we offer encrypted servers and we never ask or store your personal data. You can enjoy everything you want on the site and no one will know. And everything is completely free!

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